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badass bitch
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I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
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1. Would you ever go to have your fortune told? If yes, would/did you take it very seriously?

Nooo I haven't. I would be open-minded, I guess. :3

2. If you built a maze around your most beloved treasure, what materials would you use for the maze, and what would that treasure happen to be?

Hm. My treasures would be my family and friends, favorite books and dvds, notebooks, sketchbooks, and all that other material crap I love. I would build a maze with layers of brick, straw and stick. -- no one would huff and puff my maze down, hur hur hur.

3. You're a wolf in the wilderness and you come across a little girl with her basket of treats. You approach her; she doesn't scream. She puts the basket on the ground, pushes it toward you and then starts moving out of sight. What do you do, wolfie?

Well after I snatched up the sweets I'd follow ol' red all the way to grandma's house for a movie marathon, obviously.

4. Disregarding cost and the fickle tastes of the modern fashion police, what style of clothing (from any period of time and any country) would you most like to wear?

I love period clothing! Perhaps flapper clothing from the twenties, but I really adore regency dresses and corsets as well - the clothes are so frilly and girly but are still somehow completely badass.

5. When you were young, what was your most highly prized possession?

My stuffed animals! I never had an imaginary friend (though now I wish I did) but I talked to my dolls, my favourite was a stuffed bear named Charlie who I carried everywhere. He was a proper gentlemen and I imagined he spoke with a posh Brit accent.

These questions made me smile. :3

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(Deleted comment)
:) of course, dear!

1. Do you believe in ghosts?
2. And If they did exist, would you like to come back after death as one?
3. Would you rather have a novel that no one reads, or have someone publish your novel under their name and then have it become very popular?
4. Who did you look up to when you were young?
5. Who do you look up to now?


Aaaa, your brain, it always makes me so happiiiiii~♥

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